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Energy efficiency, easier than you think

*Energy efficiency is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. *A deep energy retrofit is a whole-building analysis and construction process that uses to achieve much larger energy savings than conventional energy retrofits. Deep energy retrofits can be applied to both residential and non-residential (“commercial”) buildings. A deep […]

Schöck prevents thermal bridging in major new Irish distillery

Initialement publié sur Architecture, Design & Innovation :
Marketing and distribution across Ireland of the major Pernod Ricard premium wine and spirit brands, such as Malibu; Jacob’s Creek; Brancott Estate and Mumm; is big business for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard.  However, the company’s real heritage is in its whiskey brands, particularly Jameson Irish Whiskey, which is…

Open source automation is the secret to smarter buildings

Valuable for building owners Open source software is extremely successful for these very reasons. It’s good for businesses because it enables more innovation and customization at lower cost. It allows for higher robustness, security and auditability because more people can test it in their own ways. It provides greater interoperability because it doesn’t require a […]

Cradle to Cradle Innovation Institute

Cradle to Cradle design (also referred to as Cradle to Cradle, C2C, cradle 2 cradle, or regenerative design) is a biomimetic approach to the design of products and systems. It models human industry on nature’s processes viewing materials as nutrients circulating in healthy, safe metabolisms. It suggests that industry must protect and enrich ecosystems and nature’s […]

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Heating and sustainable solutions : time to innovate

Most of you already heard about biogas.  Multiple solutions and new technologies have emerged through these last years over the world and I can say without a doubt that innovations are not over in this category.  For example, ¹Gaziantep, the south-eastern region of Turkey where a new Eco city is planned, produces a majority of […]

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New Web Tool Compares Energy Performance

TPEx, is a portal designed to help manufacturers and others who test products to share performance data with their consumers. Commercial building engineers and designers are often approached with novel or underutilized energy efficiency technologies and products. In many cases they cannot verify the supplied performance claims, so they take no action. Manufacturers that are […]

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Matériel d’isolation à base de champignons – Mushrooms based insulation material

  Comment pouvons-nous remplacer les panneaux de styromousse dans la construction de bâtiments écologiques?   Une entreprise appelée Ecovative propose une solution plutôt inhabituelle: les champignons. Ecovative cultive des matériaux fabriqués à partir de sous-produits agricoles et de champignons mycélium. Les déchets agricoles utilisés sont des sous-produits de plantes propres comme les tiges et les […]