Heating and sustainable solutions : time to innovate

Most of you already heard about biogas.  Multiple solutions and new technologies have emerged through these last years over the world and I can say without a doubt that innovations are not over in this category.  For example, ¹Gaziantep, the south-eastern region of Turkey where a new Eco city is planned, produces a majority of the nation’s nuts, exporting 4,000 tons last year.

« When designing the city, planners looked at potential renewable energy resources, and the pistachio waste stream couldn’t be overlooked.

Both private and public buildings in the city would be heated by burning the shells. The city will cover 3,200 hectares and house 200,000 people.French environmental engineering company Burgeap that reported last year that the local variety known as Antep was the most feasible source of energy in the region first uncovered the potential of pistachio shells. »

The project is still pending approval from the local authorities.

In Canada, where wood/paper industries and construction waste is producing it’s share of wood waste, biomass energy is already an alternative to propane and natural gas.  Industries are pairing up to recycle and reuse the waste for heating purpose.  With the constant raise of energy cost, big Greenhouses complex and one school campus has made the transit to biomass energy; the costs of implementation are almost already covered by cost savings.

image source: AQERP

image source: AQERP

Instead of burning a non-renewable energy source, industries and institutions should turn to green energy.  It’s not just a question of money anymore but more of a « what do we have to do to lower our carbon print on our environment?

To learn more about biogas and biomass energy in Quebec province, visit the AQPER website

¹Source: Treehugger

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